| Victoria Iranzo
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VICTORIA IRANZO | Valencia, 1989

‘Iranzo painting combines modernity and tradition of painting, featuring recognizable elements such as the human body or vegetables- through a rereading of our time’ fashion , shapes fabrics, colors, prints, and the fashion trends behind. It resonates of the  sort of investigation of the theories of simultaneous painting by the Delaunay marriage early this century, a style of painting based on color contrasts, which should go beyond painting and enter the world of objects, asserting in each area of life.In her work, she appropriates images from fashion magazines and transferrest them to canvas, transforming them into installations, sculptural forms that acquire patterns or prints  recreating movements and abstract geometries.
Deformaciones florales
Oil on canvas. Size: 24 x 24 cm.
Deformaciones florales
Oil on canvas. Size: 50 x 55 cm.
Deformaciones florales
Oil on canvas. Size: 54 x 55 cm.
Oil on canvas. Size: 90 x 90 cm