| Estefania Urrutia
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She feels a great interest in light in her different forms, because, as  she tells us, she is capable of transmitting different sensations. Over the years he has made use of it as a language, being a basic pillar in the stories he tells us through his works.
Intimacy and solitude make their appearance at the first visual contact with the paintings of Estefanía Urrutia, and, likewise, the empty spaces and the sensations of absence and mystery. All these sensations are reinforced by the use of certain very specific atmospheres and dim lights.
She lives in Barcelona and is Artist in Residence at the Piramidón.
Giardinetto 4
Oil on canvas. Size: 60 x 61 cm.
Giardinetto 10
Oil on canvas. Size: 46 x 38 cm.